Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I've been featured in a treasury!! I'm so excited I can hardly contain myself. lol Can you tell it's my first? ;)

You can find it here.

Isn't it a gorgeous treasury?? Willowcatstudio created it and I think she did a fantastic job. She had the brilliant idea of featuring shops that posted and then she picked items from those shops. :)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

My sweet boy

*Don't mind the mess in the background of this picture--it was Christmas morning ;) *

Ah, my first born--they grow up so fast!!

Last night he went to his first sleep-over birthday party! lol I could tell he was anxious about it and was expecting a phone call from the hosting mom but I guess he survived. I'm going to pick him up later this morning. I'm sure he'll be exhausted! I just saw on her Facebook page that she posted at midnight that all NINE of the boys were finally asleep. She's one brave woman, considering she has 6 kids of her own. That means she had 15 kids at her house all night!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Blog feature!!

I've been featured in an AWESOME blog--check it out! I'm so excited. lol

From Athena's Desk


I'm having a sale to celebrate Etsy Day and how fab Etsy is ALL WEEKEND! From now until 4/26 @ midnight everything in my shop is 15% off! I'll refund the 15% off through paypal right away!


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Facebook Group!

I just started a Facebook Group! Won't you become a fan? :)


Mini skeins!

Sometimes you need just a wee bit of yarn. Maybe you want to make some wool dryer balls, which are a great alternative to the plastic dryer balls. Or maybe you want to make a scrappy hat or scarf. OR maybe you just need a couple of more ounces to finish that project that's been sitting the bottom of your knitting bag waiting to be finished.

Well I have the solution for you! Mini skeins! I've got a range of colors and amounts. Click on one of the pictures below and you'll be taken straight to my shop! :)

Happy Knitting!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sweet newborn longies

I wanted to share a little bit about one of the items in my shop.

These sweet little longies were custom knit by me using yarn that I dyed. I wanted a pastel rainbow look and I love how soft the colors came out.


They feature an elastic waistband which is safe for little babies who want to put everything in their mouths! You don't want your little one chewing on a drawstring made from yarn. ;)


I love the Moss Stitch and typically use it on my longies unless a customer requests something different. There's something about textures in knitting that appeals to me. :)


What are longies, you ask? Longies, shorties, skirties and soakers are all terms that cloth diaper users throw around. They're basically diaper covers that double as pants/shorts/skirts. They are typically knit with wool because wool is a wonderful material to absorb wetness, yet is breathable so your little one doesn't get a heat rash "down there". One would think that wool is too much work to care for but really once you get used to it it's not that bad. In fact, I've thrown my knits into the washing machine!

So that's that! These longies will fit a newborn and you can buy them here. And if you see some yarn in my shop that you would like knit up feel free to send an alchemy request!