Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I haven't dropped off the face of the earth!!

I promise! lol I've been busy dyeing all but one skein of my yarn. I've taken pictures, now I just need to STOCK it!!! Stay tuned.....

I've also been busy doing tons of volunteer work with my lamb's school. The tuition of this school is small compared to others so Mr. Bo-Peep and I have to volunteer a certain amount of hours every year. Which I don't mind--our lambs love seeing us involved and I actually enjoy it. I've been playing lunch lady, helping with their weekly hot lunch and this Saturday night we have the annual auction which is a huge fund raiser for the school. I'm the "head cashier" which means I get to take everyone's money. lol I used to be a bookkeeper at Home Depot so it's old hat for me. ;)

Now on to the fun stuff!!! I have action shots of "Emily" knit up!! These longies were knit for a trade on DiaperSwappers.



And just for fun (don't mind the nasty hair--it was a pajama day lol)


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