Friday, April 10, 2009

Twitter, Twibs and more!

Well, I'm probably the last person in the world to join Twitter but I finally did. Check it out! They wouldn't let me do my whole name so I had to shorten it to LPBKnits. Hopefully I remember that. lol

So now that I'm on Twitter I have a Twibs page too! What's Twibs you ask? It's Twitter for businesses! If you have an Etsy store they can even link your store directly to your Twibs page. How awesome is that?! So follow me on Twitter and Twibs--join the Twitting craze!! lol

In other news--10+ pounds of yarn is a LOT of yarn. lol I got the Cestari and Merino shipments in for the co-op!!! woo hoo! So I'm going to start dyeing today so I can get these orders out. Oh and my house smells like a farm. Or at least like I have a couple of sheep living with me. I love Cestari--you know something is organic when it still smells like what it came from. They're not technically organic but the smell and the grass in the yarn tells me they're organic. ;)


Michelle said...

I didn't know about Twibs-just signed up with my Twitter account. Thanks!

esque said...

Yum, yarn! Me wants! Didn't know about Twibs either! Off to check it out!